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Dewalt Toughsystem DAB Radio - USED

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  • Can easily be connected to your phone or mp3 device via bluetooth so you can remotely control and play your own music
  • AUX (3.5mm) lead connection which again lets you play your own music through the radio
  • DAB & AM/FM gives you the ability to tune into and store all your favourite radio stations
  • 12 FM presets and 6 AM presets available
  • Charges DeWalt Li-ion 18v Batteries when powered by AC (Cable Included)
  • USB port for charging your phone or any USB device (2.4Hz)
  • 40W RMS speakers for quality sound output
  • 2 Sub-woofers for premium sound
  • IP 54,protection against dust and water jets
  • Dot Matrix pixel screen
  • TOUGHSYSTEM compatible